Friday, October 2, 2009

New post as a guest blogger "Herbivorous Boys of Japan"

Recently I was invited to write a post for a Twitter friend of mine, Ryan Taylor (@c_rh) who has a blog "Caught*Red-Handed" (Click on the title of this post above to link or if it doesn't work for some reason here is the URL: . Sorry tags I know how to use for links don't work on this page.  Someday I'll have enough time to learn everything I need to know?) 

I wanted to introduce him to my readers properly and wrote a paragraph or two.  I was just getting ready to post it when the browser closed on me.... Poof it disappeared. So I will wait till next time to describe Ryan and what he has brought to my outlook about Japan.  Tonight I just want to say big thanks to him for giving me an opportunity to write about the phenomenon being seeing in Japan, the rise of the "Herbivorous Boys of Japan". (

I hope you'll enjoy.  

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